“Festival organizers briskly moved in to relocate them to what they called the “Songwriting Palace,” as Jacqueline’s powerful voice was drowning out neighboring conference speaker series. It was the most powerful female voice I have heard in a long time.”
"You guys preformed a great show, you guys blew me away actually, I didn’t expect it. Then you brought that heat and that voice and all the magic you have together. You got this Bluesy Rock sound and your stage presence! You have this very high energy stage presence, your just a natural and your voice sounds a lot like Grace Slick of Jefferson airplane and that ain’t a bad thing to have."
"We enjoy the energy that rock brings to the table whereas folk is more laid-back. I have a big voice, more like Grace Slick, and it suits rock better."
Based in Edmonton, AB
Founded in 2018
Genre: Hard Rock 
Label: Indie
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Harley's, beer, live music and a good time. JD & the Jokers was manifested by Metis Blonde Bombshell Jacquie Daniels who prides herself on being the Queen of the Badlands. JD's stage  show can't be beat - bringing their HIGH ENERGY  performance combined with their love of theatrics,  the  show is ever evolving.  The Jokers hard hitting rifts with Jacquie's power house vocals,  leave you wanting more. So get ready, the Queen has come to play with all her Wildlings. 

Important Happenings
* Opening for One Bad Son 2020
* Rockfest Edmonton 2019
* Heart of the City 2019
* Radio Play in BC 
* SOCAN Workshop - BOW 2018 
* Opening for the Damn Truth
* Heart of the City 2018

* Porkapalooza  Festival 2018 
* Firefly Music Festival 2018
* Shockerfest 2018
* Bad Decisions AB/BC Tour 2018

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